Words From the Owner – Robert Didac

Why is RD SALES Windows & Doors… Just Different?

I would use a few lines to go deeper into our business philosophy.

Out of respect for my customers and myself, as a business owner who is planning to be around for many years to come, we consider quality the key for success – from quality products to superior installation and excellent customer service, all these ingredients must go hand-in-hand. Sadly, I have to mention that in the last 10-12 years, quality has been sacrificed in this industry in order to respond to the price driven mass consumerism. We are deeply grateful to our suppliers that are still manufacturing their products with high standards and care to the benefits of the final consumer.

A Good Quality Window Should Last About 30 Years

Unfortunately the average home owner is changing their windows after 7-8 years of use!! That is very frustrating for the customer. Letting price dictate negatively affected the housing market in the last decade, as the residential boom demanded fast built, cheap prices and fast installation (paid by piece work!) and some builders that don’t really care what will happen later down the road. The effect of the big box stores which promotes “do it yourself”, the expertise and the skills of installation are downplayed and getting a good price creates a false image and the effects end up in replacement of it a lot sooner than it should have.

What to Look for When Selecting your Windows & Doors Contractor

I always said buyer beware when selecting your contractor. There are a few tips that I would like to point out: check the company credentials, where the company is actually registered, do they have a real address or is a PO Box, since when they are registered, what supplier are they using, how long have they been in business.

Robert Didac – Owner of RD Sales Inc. Windows & DoorsRobert Didac – Owner of RD Sales Inc. Windows & Doors

What is a Good DEAL?

A DEAL is : an Identical product and service for a better price!

Ask for referrals and actually do check them out; when you buy a new car you test drive it before, correct?

Did you receive a written quotation on the spot (except for specialty products)?

Why is RD SALES Windows & Doors… Just Different?

  • We educate our customers about the difference between different brands of windows, pros and cons.
  • We listen to the customer to determine what they actually want and only after we make a proposal. The customer needs comes first.
  • We explain the installation procedure and the different finishes inside & outside.
  • We offer a wide range of products from mid range to high end and beyond!

Quality Products Results in a Greater Investment

What customers need to know and it is part of our educational moment is that energy ratings do not set the quality! Just look at the newly built mass production homes and you have your answer.

We work with architects on custom new homes as well as with homeowners in the replacement window market. We only offer products that we are confident are going to last, we priorities quality before price as they will provide longevity and your investment will pay off much sooner. If I will not install it in my own house I wouldn’t sell it to my customers, this is the level of confidence I have in the products I promote.

Nevertheless a quality window with a professional installation will add to the comfort of your home, make your home look great, preserve your asset and be greener and less maintenance. Who doesn’t want that?