Aluminum Curtain Walls Kitchener-Waterloo

Aluminum Curtain Walls – Maximize Your Natural Light

The Aluminum Curtain Wall system, the top Semi-Structural and Structural Glazing curtain-wall system, when viewed externally the opening vents and the fixed glass panels have the same visual appearance. Transoms and mullions which are only seen from the inside, have an internal face of 71.6mm This curtain wall system is modular and mullion drained. A complete series of designed profiles can correspond to almost any architectural demand. At RD SALES Inc. we are covering only residential two story height type buildings even though the Curtain Wall is very a very flexible system. The designed profiles basic characteristic is that there are no bolt keepers on the transoms of the glazing panels, with properly designed accessories they just hook and hold on the top and project the window outwards. A handle can be placed quickly and easily at any time and on any glass panel chosen on the bottom to project the window outwards, there is a choice of handles from manual push out, crank or electric that can open the window out from 15cm to 30cm.

The system is designed in a way that enables it to “absorb” any construction imperfection of a building’s shell. The advantages of our system is easy assembly of the glass in the shop and the panelized frames are then easily placed on the curtain wall grids on site. Each glazed panel has a visible face of 19mm in width which in combination with a 12mm recess between the panels, gives an overall sightline of 50mm. A structurally glazed version of the system is also available, giving the facade an all glass appearance when viewed from the outside, with only a 17 mm recessed gap between each pane. Maximum glass thickness is 26mm for the structurally glazed version of this system, the maximum glass thickness is dependent on various factors, which are specific for each individual project.


Interior & Office Partitions

From the same family as the curtain wall systems, RD SALES Inc. offers complete solution for office partitions and any other internal space. Modern line and perfect ergonomics, the special design at the bottom part to cover cables, the internal mobile louvers and high soundproofing ensure a unique operational and aesthetic result.

The system consists of a single “H” section profile for the vertical and horizontal elements of the frame-specially designed for optimum endurance. The connection between the vertical and horizontal parts is achieved easily and quickly thanks to the angular union.

Single glasses from 4mm to 10 mm thick, double glasses up to 28mm thick, fixed panels up to 70 mm total thickness and door panels up to 42 mm of total thickness can be applied to the frame. Special regulators equipped with rubbers cover up all the imperfections of the floor, the roof or the sidewalk. Different adaptors and angular columns of 90° work together in order to achieve multiple degrees freedom.

Maximize Your Natural Light with Aluminum Curtain Walls!