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Why Aluminum Doors?

When it comes to handle large opening there is no match to the aluminum door systems. It is also extremely stable through the wide ranging temperatures of the extreme climates of both the most northern and southern regions of our world. While other door frames stretch and shrink, bend and warp through every year of freezing cold and baking hot summers – aluminum consistently holds its shape.


French Doors – stand alone & integrated inside larger systems

French doors are a good alternative to the sliding patio door. The doors are hinged to the sides opening up in the middle and opening up the space to the outdoors. It can be made inswing or outswing with retractable screen or a classic sliding screen door. Another feature of these doors is that it can be make into a tilt and turn style door, where a tilt in position will allow you to ventilate the room without opening the door entirely.


Single or Double Entry Door Systems

Aluminum door panels are distinguished for its traditional and classic design, combining quality and security. Panels are completely made of aluminum with decorative aluminum mouldings, known for its high resistance to time. The panels come in a wide range of designs and colors as well as in different wood grain imitation colors. The panel represents a new trend in the market for entrance doors and there is a variety of collection handles to personalize your entrance system. Due to the multi-locking hardware system the door is very secure that will prevent intruders breaking in.


Designer Door Handles

Designer door handles available to make your door look unique.

Tilt & Slide Doors

The feature of a sliding door combined with a practicality of the venting option is an ideal setup for a nice and open room. The tilt in position will allow the stale air to escape and the fresh air to come in. Also the operating panel when in fully open position will overlap the stationary panel creating a bigger opening area. It can be done in a variety of panel combinations to suit the opening you have. The entire door operation is made thru the one handle that turned into different position will unlock, tilt, slide and lock the door into position.

Lift & Slide Doors

As you rotate the door handle ( lever) 180 degree, hidden high-tech wheels rotate down and actually elevate the sliding door panel about 6mm thus allowing it to slide easily without rubbing against any weather-stripping. As a result, the weather-stripping will not wear out pre-maturely and the doors require no effort to slide. The door can be smoothly and effortlessly rolled from side to side, and when you want to lock it, simply roll it back to the closed position, rotate the lever and feel the wheels smoothly retract. The massive door settles easily down onto the stainless steel track and the multi-point locking hardware engages with authority and fits tight against the weather seals. This multi-point hardware is designed to secure the door panel in a locked position. This feature provides superior security in contrast to the standard type of door lock with only one point of contact. Its special design makes it ideal for wide opening applications, having profiles with great endurance and high moment of inertia. The system presents an excellent thermal-insulation with 16mm – 24mm polyamides profiles. Moreover the system offers water-tightness through EPDM sealing gaskets and its special railing mechanism. The type of lift and slide door system utilize heavy duty quad rollers that are fabricated with reinforced nylon and stainless steel making them corrosion resistant and provide ease of operation for door panels up to 700 lbs.


Lift & Slide Doors – Corner Connection

The type of lift and sliding door system allows you to open up corner to create a beautiful and unique design. Corner Sliding Doors that meet together and lock at 90 degrees without a corner post, they providing a wide unobstructed opening. Corner Sliding Doors are stylish and offer an exceptional modern look , there a great alternative to bi-fold doors, offering a more practical way to open up your home in a much simpler action, without taking up too much space inside or out.


Parallel Sliding Doors

The parallel sliding system is available in different combination. It can be made a just a single sliding panel, or double sliding panels or in combinations of three and for four panels. The sash and frame profiles come with 24mm polyamide bars. With 38mm sash width, the system offers excellent thermal insulation. A special feature of the system is the option of embedding a stainless steel rail into the frame profile for great functionality and durability.


Bi-Fold Doors

The bi-fold or accordion door system isolates every space from the elements of nature, but in the meantime it can be discreetly folded on one or both sides of the opening in order to offer a clear view. Space savings with a great view are the system’s main advantages. It can cover very wide openings and can be used in residential as well in commercial applications providing excellent water tightness and excellent sound and thermal resistance. Available in double or triple glasses 14-49 mm overall packages with laminated, lowE and argon filled chambers. Moreover, it can be built in sizes up to 3m height, without horizontal partition. There are several threshold options, including some with a flush bottom track . The standard U channel bottom track is a single track only 3/8″ above the finish floor. Because the folding doors are top hung, the bottom track (available with drainage) carries no weight and acts as a guide. The bottom tracks used for folding doors are made of a durable, corrosion resistant, solid piece of stainless steel. The reliable driver mechanism with 4 rollers can resist up to 200 kg in weight.

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