Aluminum Railings & Banisters Kitchener-Waterloo

Crystal Line System

Crystal Line System is compatible with a 16 or 20mm glass (triplex, tempered) polished on the edge. The system has been improved by using 3 rail top models.

  • Round rail top, 50mm, with a special opening for the glazing (photo 1)
  • Oval rail top, 76mm, with a special opening for the glazing (photo 2)
  • Round rail top, 50mm, with a special attachment on the glazing (photos 3,4)

Thanks to the use of rail top, crystal railing system offers security and modern aesthetic shape. Rail tops are optional and are available at the same color (electrostatic coating) as the covers of the profile. Rail tops are available in RAL, wood imitation, special coloration, anodized brushed (stainless steel type).


R50 Railing System

The R50 Railing System follows the trends imposed by contemporary architecture is 100% aluminum modular system for indoor and outdoor settings. The complete system consisting of circular hollow aluminum profiles which are elaborately bonded with connectors and supports creating a discrete, distinctive and high aesthetics result. Its metal elements fit in harmony together forming an extremely elegant, beautiful, and inspiring look.

In INOX type series, aluminum profiles and accessories have gone under an advanced anodizing treatment, producing a thickness grade of at least 20 microns characterized by unique properties: extreme hardness – second only to diamond – and unique stainless steel finish. The series offers substantial competitive advantages over stainless steel systems: high aesthetics, lightweight and lower cost.

For color lovers, F50 Railing System is offered in a wide range of powder coating, RAL, special, mat, textured and wood imitation. The powder coating production is approved and ensure that all process are Qualicoat seaside class certified. The F50 Railing System applications are unlimited and offer unique solutions to the contemporary constructions. Some of them are:

  • Balcony railings and outdoor stair railings, with unique appearance and durability to the various environmental conditions. Suitable for modern houses and commercial buildings, outdoor hotel cites (such as balconies, pools etc), public places especially practical in big cities (such as metro stations, museums etc).
  • Indoor stairs railings and houses’ and business building’s interior (such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc) offering a special sense of high aesthetics.
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