Aluminum Windows Kitchener-Waterloo

Why Aluminum Windows?

In your home or business, the rigidity of aluminum means your windows and doors are more resistant to deformation caused by climatic change and building movements that occur over time.

It’s researched and reported that aluminum is 43 times stronger than wood and 340% stronger than vinyl. Aluminum windows and doors resist expansion and contraction 2.6 times better than vinyl frames and they resist swelling and shrinking far better than all wood frames.

Because of this, aluminum frames will keep their fit in the window and door openings, and so will the weather seals that keep your home and business comfortable and energy-efficient. In the long run your windows will last longer and require very little, if any maintenance, so the return on your investment will always be considerably better with aluminum than the alternatives.

If you care about high quality, longevity, minimum maintenance and lasting beauty with a small environmental impact then take a good look at what Aluminum has to offer.

Profile Characteristics

Frame depth 76.5 mm (3”)
Sash depth 84 mm (3 5/16”)
Minimum visible width 104,2 – 137 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit 130 kg
Glass thickness up to 58 mm ( 2 ¼”)
Cross section thickness 1.4 – 2 mm

System Characteristics

Type of system insulated
Uf value from 1.9 W/(m2k)
Exterior aesthetics Curved, Flat
Glazing method Aluseal system-triple gaskets
Type of thermal insulation 36 mm polyamide (1 7/16”)
Hidden Sash & Visible SashHidden Sash & Visible Sash

Tilt & Turn Windows – How Do They Operate?

One handle will operate the window in different opening positions. By turning the handle to the first step (turn) will open the window-side swing and by turning the handle into the second position it will just tilt in the window allowing a good ventilation.


Window Ventilation

Ventilation is achieved thru a redistribution of air pressure in the room where in the hottest and highest pressure air near the ceiling escapes outside and the cooler air enter through the side of the window, cooling the entire room. Air flow will only remove the air in that stream where as air exchange changes all the air in the room.


Important Characteristics

Windows and Doors have a triple seal including a central gasket that divides the existing air chamber between the fixed frame and the opening sash. The central gasket is made from black EPDM extrusions to achieve the highest performance possible. The perimeter multilock hardware system allows the sash to lock all around the frame for a better insulation and creating a more secure window. The aluminum system allows to built combination of window between fixed and operational, as well as French window – when the windows are opened there is no mullion in the middle, creating a more pleasant look.

Rolling Insect Screens

Rolling Insect Screens add a nice touch to the beauty of the window system. With a modern unique design and unique functionality it is easy to use and acquires a precise application. Furthermore, due to the special break mechanism, the Rolling Insect Screens ensures comfortable, smooth and controlled movement whereas the wind resistance brush retains the screen in place even under strong wind conditions.

The beauty of the rolling screen consist in the fact that it can be rolled up in the insects off season, leaving you with a clean and unobstructed view as well as more natural light.


Choose The Right Frame For Your Application

Different profiles available based on the particularities of each job-new construction, retrofit or architectural demands.

We have the option to use a variety of extrusions to fit different wall structure requirements for new construction as well as retrofit projects. Therefore the windows and doors can be installed in the proper position/location (without making compromises required with some standard size extrusions) and the integrity and the performance of the windows and doors will still remain unchanged.


EcoGlass – Heat Mirror Film

ECOGLASS / HM is manufactured with intelligent design features that make it the greenest glass on the market today.


HEAT MIRROR® is a unique patented film that reflects heat back to its source. Heat Mirror units are produced with a wide range of glass products including clear glass, tinted glass and low-e glass, taking advantage of the benefits of film based coatings and glass based technologies to create superior insulating performance, outstanding solar control, while at the same time blocking UV radiation, and reducing outside noise more effectively than double pane glass.


ECOGLASS/HM can be customized to meet your GREEN PERORMANCE needs. The air spaces are filled with a combination of Argon, Krypton or Xenon gases to achieve performance levels that no other insulating glass can deliver – up to R-20.


Energy Efficiency

ECO GLASS/HM provides energy efficiency without compromising visual transparency. This is done by selectively reflecting invisible heat while transmitting visible light. With ECO GLASS/HM:

  • R-Values range from R-5 to R-20, compared to Low-E R-Values of R-2 to R-5
  • Glass units come in a variety of widths, 3/4″ to 2″
  • Depending on the R-value required, choose Argon or Krypton gas fills or a combination of Krypton and Xenon
  • “Tune” window performance for North/South/East/West exposures with 6 different films
  • Save up to 30% on ongoing energy costs

This is more expensive than Low-E Glass, however, when the annual energy savings realized with ECOGLASS/HM is factored in, the return on investment is paid back in less than five years. The annual energy savings will keep on growing as the cost of energy rises so there are also long term savings to be realized.

Surface Finishes

The sections can be anodized or powder coated. The finish is a hard wearing and highly durable surface coating and has been designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, including sea spray. It is available in a large range of colours.

Is Your Home Ready for Aluminum Windows?