European Aluminium / PVC Entry Doors

European Entry Door Systems

TROCAL 88+ residential door system- Perfection in every detail

Growing demands for energy efficiency and convenient security have been answered by TROCAL in the form of its new residential door system, a development with an installation depth of 88 mm.

It’s innovative five chamber system achieves top grades in thermal insulation, and its installation depth provides the space necessary for high thermally insulating door panelling and functional glazing up to 56 mm.

Whether reliability and stability, comfort, ergonomics, or design, the residential door system TROCAL 88+ presents a wide range of solutions up to the passive house variant.

Exterior & interior can be laminated or paintedExterior & interior can be laminated or painted
Exterior with alu clip
- paintable any RAL colourExterior with alu clip - paintable any RAL colour

Different Door Designs Available


European Entry Doors Aluminum & PVC

Achieve the unique look of your front door – make it stand out with the Aluminium Decorative panels with lots of choices.

Insert - Decorative PanelInsert - Decorative Panel
Sash Covering - Decorative PanelSash Covering - Decorative Panel
Heavy Duty Adjustable HingeHeavy Duty Adjustable Hinge
Hidden Sash Decorative Panel for very sharp and modern looking doorHidden Sash Decorative Panel for very sharp and modern looking door
Insert Decorative PanelInsert Decorative Panel

European Tilt & Turn French Doors

All Doors Have a Multipoint Lock Hardware Standard

There are two types of multipoint lock systems depending on the application and on the exterior handles choosen.

  • Multipoint lock with a dead bold – for exterior bar type handles
  • Multipoint lock with a lift-to-lock handle – for exterior standard type handles

Deadbolt with Security Keys Also Available


Adjustable Hinges

Our extremely durable door hinges feature an engineering masterpiece. We came up with an idea to keep the hinge from tilting due to the lacking creep resistance – our groundbreaking plain bearing mounting with a patented ball-bearing-supported axial centering pin.

  • Highly cost-effective due to single-person assembly
  • Reliable, long-term functionality
  • Large load-bearing capacity
  • Extra-strong hinges available in a steel design
  • Break-in protection with a screw-in covering cap
  • Maintenance-free Teflon-coated sliding metal bearings
  • One screw and drill size

Door Handles

FlexDesign – Diversity at your Fingertips

Make individual customer requests a reality: FlexDesign gives you countless design options for door handles. Backplates and handles are attached to the screwed-in body, and you can combine components from various Schüring series.

We Have a Handle on Innovations

  • Many possible combinations
  • Smooth functionality and free-moving operation throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Integrated steel retraction spring keeps the handle from getting stuck
  • Stable and wobble-free due to the guided handle bearing
  • High level of security due to screwed-in interior parts and lock-screwed fittings

Stainless Steel handle bars in different shapes and lengths to personalize your door entry system.


Glass in the Door – Standard Laminated Inside & Outside

Multiple choices of decorative glass to select from decoration to customers own drawings!!!

European Entry Doors, Just Different…

Garden Doors

The Garden Door Collection adds beauty and function to your home, let in fresh air and fill the room with natural light. They come in two, three or four panel system, it can be single or double operated and they come standard with a sliding screen. You have choices between the different styles, clear or with grills, venting or with internal mini blinds, wrought iron, or custom decoration.

Garden Doors - ClearGarden Doors - Clear
Garden Doors - VentingGarden Doors - Venting

Folding Doors

Folding door has a smart engineering, creativity and style to accommodate wall ideas and provide a modern look. Available up to 6 m in lengths, the folding doors offer best solution for large openings by saving space and maintaining the design of the building. Various colours are available.


Sliding Doors

All patio we provide have a common characteristic…quality craftsmanship that translates into performance that’s built to last. The multichamber vinyl system will provide more energy efficiency and makes the frame sturdier. The sliding door is always smooth and quiet from the sturdy, patented dual-tandem wheels and now it includes sealed bearings for even longer life. The door can open with just the tip of the finger and the retractable latches will no brake if the door is shut with them in closed position. This new generation of premium-quality PVC doors comes in standard colors solid white or beige or you can choose from a variety of outstanding colors or the new Double Nature stained vinyl option or the Craftsman Series with wood interior. The choices are unlimited; it’s All a Matter of Style.


Garage Doors

Amarr steel garage doors are built with high quality components and heavy-duty steel. Practically all the Amarr steel doors are designed with the Amarr Safe Guard safety system that enhances overall safety for the homeowner. Amarr steel garage doors offer varying levels of energy efficiency and noise reduction with CFC-free insulation options, allowing for the best garage door solution based on your garage location. Amarr brings innovation to the garage door market with the first of its kind, Classica Collection® of Carriage House garage doors. This differentiated garage door is made with 3-sections, rather than the traditional 4-section door, which results in a much more authentic carriage house look. The Classica® garage door designs are uniquely stamped into the steel material, ensuring a permanent carriage house design with no worry of the design shifting or detaching. Amarr also offers a broad range of traditional and carriage house garage doors at in different colours and to meet each homeowner’s preference.