European Style Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have thick exterior walls and the multichamber structure system prevent colder air from being transferred to the middle air chamber. This will create a dead air lock which won’t allow either the warmth or cold to win the battle. The presence of thinner secondary wall helps in stopping cold from entering into your house.

The unique five chambers honeycombed profile chambers enhance the window‘s inherent structural stability, while counteracting torsion. Thermal insulation. The 70mm deep profiles with U -value for the frame of 1.3W/m²K a will meet the requirements of even the most stringent energy worldwide. Combine standards economy and ecology, it pays off short and long term.

Thermo glass: Comes in minimum standard 24mm for the double glazed to 38 mm for triple glazed, each glass is 4 mm thick, high performance thermix spacer, Performance LowE glass by Guardian and chambers filled with argon gas.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compression sealed sash with two or three weather seals
  • Multi-point locking hardware improves aesthetics and security
  • Superior sound abatement properties
  • The multi-chambered design insulates well, reducing heat loss and sound transfer
Tilt & Turn Windows Cross SectionTilt & Turn Windows Cross Section
Tilt & Turn Window PerformanceTilt & Turn Window Performance

Why Trocal?

There are a lot of uPVC extruders around but we decided to use Trocal because it is part of the Profine Group – a world leader and innovator in the industry and we are commited to offer our valued customers one of the best uPVC products available in the market today.

Operating the Tilt-Turn Windows

When the window is closed, simply turn the lever upward 90 degrees to allow it to open by swinging inward. Similarly, when the window is closed, turn the lever upward 180 degrees. With a slight pull, the top of the window opens inward for ventilation.

Operating the Tilt-Turn WindowsOperating the Tilt-Turn Windows

Window Ventilation

Opening a window other than the tilt and turn model will only allow the replacement of path of air travelling through your house with cooler air and not all of it. But if you open a tilt and turn model window, there will be a redistribution of air pressure in the room where in the hottest and highest pressure air near the ceiling escapes outside and the cooler air enter through the side of the window, cooling the entire room. Air flow will only remove the air in that stream where as air exchange changes all the air in the room.

Tilt & Turn Windows VentilationTilt & Turn Windows Ventilation

NEW – Triple Glazed

Upgrade to a triple glazed package, has lots of benefits. The frame is 88 mm wide, six chambers honeycomb profile and a thicker steel reinforcement to support the extra weight of the thermo unit. The three gaskets system makes a better insulation and the triple glazed thermo unit comes in a 44 mm overall thickness with each pane 4 mm and double LowE coated glasses and Argon gas for a superior performance and sound barrier.

It is the must have window for our climate!

Triple GlazedTriple Glazed

Window Colour Finishes

This foil system gives windows a completely new look. Applied to both sides or only to the outside – is ideal for adapting high-quality PVC profiles elegantly and harmoniously to any architectural style.

The latest range of colours offers you foil designs with modern wood grain styles, metallic brushed surface and plain colours – smooth and embossed surface. Extreme weather resistance, low maintenance and excellent cleaning properties.

Colour Finishes
NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shownColour Finishes NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shown
Modern Wood Grain Styles

NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shownModern Wood Grain Styles NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shown

Handle Finishes

Lots of choices for handles finishes and models. Security handles are available for rooms with children, hospitals, retirement homes or other destinations that require such hardware.

Handle Finishes & ModelsHandle Finishes & Models
Security Handles with KeySecurity Handles with Key

Egress Windows

The tilt and turn window system can be used very well for basements where a fire escape route is needed and city By-laws enforces the use of egress window. Because the way it works, it can be used all year round, especially in winter time where other window systems fail to perform.

Egress Window - IndoorEgress Window - Indoor
Egress Window - OutdoorEgress Window - Outdoor

High Security Performance Hardware

The standard hardware use for our windows is original ROTO hardware which offer an outstanding durability and also security. The perimetral multilock system and the mushroom type locks, seals the window equally on all four sides and makes it impossible for burglars to brake them open.


Aluminum Claded Vinyl Window is the New Window Generation

An intelligent combination of aluminum and PVC-U advantages.

On the outside, the aluminum panel offers limitless possibilities in colour design, while on the inside, PVC-U profiles ensure the optimal thermal insulation, reliable functionality, and low maintenance.

Aluminum Claded Vinyl WindowAluminum Claded Vinyl Window
Colour Finishes
NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shownColour Finishes NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shown

Specialty Tilt and Turn Windows Accessories

Fixed Screens

The sturdy extruded aluminium frame are joint at 45 degree angle giving the screen a clean look and can be painted or laminated to match color of the windows.

Aluminum frames with solid plastic corners and locking pinsAluminum frames with solid plastic corners and locking pins
Aluminum frames with solid plastic corners and locking pinsAluminum frames with solid plastic corners and locking pins

Roll Away Screens

Used only when needed, it gives a nice and unobstructed view.

Roll Away ScreensRoll Away Screens
Roll Away ScreensRoll Away Screens

Retractable Screens

Rolling Shutters – The Future of Windows Treatments

We offer the roll shutters in many profiles (40mm, 55mm, or 77 mm) based on the application.

It can operate manually-with a cord or a crank or can be motorized with radio remote control.

They come in a variety of colours – White, Wicker-Gentek 538, Nutmeg–Gentek 568 or Silver.

This system provides lots of advantage:

  • Energy conservation-in winter as well as in summer
  • Sun and light control
  • Noise control
  • Increased security
  • Storm protection

Rolling ShuttersRolling Shutters
Rolling ShuttersRolling Shutters
Radio Remote ControlRadio Remote Control

The Perfect Fit Blinds

We have your perfect blinds solution for the European style Windows and Doors:

The Perfect Fit Blinds


  • Easy to install and easy to remove for glass cleaning
  • No drilling or screwing necessary on installation
  • No gaps at the edge of the blinds for increased privacy
  • Child safe with no loose cords
  • Leaves window sill clutter free
  • When windows/doors opens the blinds stays firm in position, no more interferences

Efficient & Stylish

The pleated blinds are the easiest and most efficient way of controlling lighting and heating level in your rooms. The wide stylish range of Pleated blinds create a whole new look, from light filtering types-translucent, solar protection- SPC to the blackout-ESP, lots of textures and plenty of colors to choose from.

ASK our professional advisors about the Pleated Perfect Fit blinds when you are getting your European tilt and turn windows and doors.

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