Traditional North American Windows

The traditional North American style windows come in a variety of styles such as casements, awnings, sliders and hungs and they are all made of 100% uPVC extrusions. There are lot of differences between windows and understanding them will help you to make a wise judgment. Our major partners have been very carefully selected based on their professionalism and vaste experience in windows manufacturing. The quality workmanship and the capability of our partners to stay behind the product combined with our excellent installation will make your project look outstanding. From the referrals we receive from our customers we know that we do the job right.


Casement & Awning Windows

The thick walls multichamber structure gives the window a better thermal efficiency, a better sound abatement and a better resistance to warping.

Casement windows open like doors. They open smoothly and effortlessly to a full 90º for increased ventilation and easy cleaning. Your can choose left or right opening.

Awning windows are simple to operate and easy to clean. They open in a smooth, consistent, and effortless fashion from the bottom out to prevent rainfall entry and provide the added benefit of maximum airflow.

Casement WindowCasement Window
Awning WindowAwning Window

Single Hung & Single Slider Windows

Single Hung windows have the top sash fixed in place while the bottom one slides up and down and tilts in for easy cleaning. They provide superior ventilation and effortless operation.

Single Slider windows have one sash fixed while the other slides horizontally. A smooth functioning window that allows for efficient ventilation. Simple to operate, easy to clean.

Single Hung WindowSingle Hung Window
Single Slider WindowSingle Slider Window

Double Hung & Double Slider Windows

Double Hung windows have the top and bottom sashes that slide up and down and tilt in for easy cleaning. A flexible range of motion for controlled air movement.

Double Slider windows have both sashes that slide horizontally. Superior ventilation control with outstanding durability.

Double Hung WindowDouble Hung Window
Double Slider WindowDouble Slider Window

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows put your signature on your home, subtly increasing interior space while drawing more light into the room and providing views that would be unobtainable with a typical flat window unit.

Bay Window

Three or more fixed sash or panoramic windows, typically with a larger unit in the centre, mulled together on a 30 or 45 degree angle, projecting out from the exterior wall.

Bay WindowBay Window

Bow Window

Four or more fixed sash or panoramic windows mulled together on a 10 or 15 degree angle, projecting out from the exterior wall. Optional awning, casement or hung windows can be ordered to flank the bay or bow unit.

Bow WindowBow Window

Craftsman Series

Real Wood Warmth

Real wood warmth for a classier, more upscale interior look combined with the maintenance-free performance of PVC. Available in oak or pine to complement your interior décor and cabinetry with available exterior paint or stains designed to closely match your choice of interior wood finish. All our glass options are available for all Craftsman windows and patio doors. The unique Craftsman design means there is no contact between glass and wood, reducing the risk of premature wood aging and degradation.


Double Nature Series

The Benefits Of PVC. The Look Of Wood

Double Nature offers you the best of both worlds. The natural warmth of wood with the maintenance-free performance of vinyl. With a finish that can be applied both inside and out, Double Nature products provide the most realistic wood finish in the PVC industry. Available in four distinct water-based, UV-resistant stain colours to complement existing woodwork or blend perfectly with your unique architecture. Double Nature is available for all our 4000 Series window, patio and terrace door styles.




Available only on awning and casement windows, the easy-to-use, stainless steel locking mechanism operates with a slim-line locking lever that ensures your windows are water and airtight for optimum energy efficiency. Self-storing Encore folding handle swing out of the way to enhance the sleek appearance of your windows while the smooth functioning, durable mechanisms stay concealed. Elegant handles and multi-point latches secure the windows at three points to provide not only superior protection from the elements but also protection from tampering and vandalism.


Handles & Locks

Handles and locks are available in 4 different colours.


Grills & Decorations

Grills placed within the airspace between the insulating glass create a sleek, traditional look that’s easy to clean.

Surface mounted grill bars create a unique and distinctive multi-pane effect known as simulated divided lites. There are a wide selection of grill styles and colours to select from that will enhance the look of your windows and complement the design of your building.

Now That You Know More About Traditional Windows…